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What can I expect during an appointment with We Want Any Car?

Once you’ve accepted the online valuation for your car, you will need to arrange an appointment for one of our mobile vehicle purchasers to come to a location convenient to you, usually your home or workplace. It’s a simple process, but there are some steps that we’ll need to go through in order to give you a quick service, and the best price. One of our friendly vehicle purchasers will go through your paperwork and take a look at your car, going through these checks:

Your car’s exterior inspection

The first things we will check during your car’s inspection are the panels, doors and bumpers. They will be looked over to assess any dents, scratches or marks. It’s important when you do your online car valuation to give a detailed description about the condition of your car so that it matches our evaluation at the inspection stage.

Inside the car

Our vehicle purchaser will also check inside the car. This includes ensuring that your electric windows and heater are working, and that none of the dashboard warning lights are on. They will also expect the car to be cleaned inside so make sure you give it a good once over with the vacuum cleaner before you bring it in.

The engine, steering and brakes

The engine will need to be started to make sure it’s running properly. This is really important as we do not buy non-starters. The vehicle purchaser will also perform a few simple manoeuvers in order to check the car’s steering and brakes. We know that you want to get the best price possible for you motor so it’s important that we take the time to fully inspect your vehicle.


We need to check the vehicle’s V5C, the handbook and any other documents like your MOT certificate. We also need to see two forms of ID - photographic driving license or passport, and one utility bill, bank or council tax statement (the addresses on these should be your current residence, the same as that on the V5C). You can see full details of other required documents, including those for special circumstances, in our documents guide.

Avoid possible delays

We do our best to provide you our best and quickest service, but there are certain things that could delay the sale of your vehicle that you should do your best to avoid. Things like private number plates (especially if you want to keep them), documents that aren’t in order, and outstanding finance could prevent us from buying your car quickly.

Finally, once everything’s checked and all is well, we will provide you with an accurate quote for your car, sitting down to take you through exactly how we reached the valuation. If you’re happy with our quote, we’ll buy your car there and then! You will receive a free, secure, instant payment directly to your bank account (subject to all checks being clear and subject to banking systems outside of our control. In every case, we do our upmost to process payment as fast as possible, however, in rare cases, due to problems with third-party systems, this does not always mean immediately). We can not pay for your car in cash due to money laundering regulations.

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