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What happens during a vehicle inspection?

One of the main purposes of your appointment at a We Want Any Car branch is the vehicle inspection. It’s a chance for us to take a look over your car, and ensure that the details provided by you online match up to the specification and condition when we see it in the flesh. One of our team members will check to see whether or not the initial valuation was correct, and if it needs to change, we can provide you with a new, accurate valuation. It is only after the inspection that we can provide you with a final quote for us to buy your car.

It will be the job of our friendly branch staff to inspect the vehicle, carrying out the necessary checks.

The exterior - The car’s exterior will need to be inspected fully. Panels, doors and bumpers will be looked over to check for any dents, scratches or marks which might affect the sale price.

Inside the car - Our staff will check the condition of your vehicle’s interior, as well as ensuring that all the important electrics are working, like your windows, heater and lights. They will also be looking to see that none of the dashboard warning lights remain on when the engine is started.

The engine - We can’t buy any non-runners (cars that don’t start), so the engine will need to be started to make sure it’s running properly.

Steering and brakes - During your inspection, the branch staff will perform a few simple maneuvers in order to check the car’s steering and brakes.

Once the vehicle has been inspected and all the checks have been made, we can take you through exactly how we have reached the final quote. And if you’re happy, we’ll buy your car there and then. You can relax, knowing the money will be sent directly to your bank account on the very same day.

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