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Why is a vehicle inspection needed to figure out the value of a car?

We carry out vehicle inspections to ensure the details relating to the specification and condition of your car are correct. When we come to your local location for your We Want Any Car appointment one of our team will check over your car to see whether or not the initial valuation was correct. If we find any inconsistencies with your car and the original information that was submitted we may have to change the original online valuation of your car. Only after the inspection can we offer you a final price for your car.

If you don’t immediately accept our final price offered and re-book an appointment with us. It is company policy on any re-visit to inspect the vehicle again. We carry out this secondary inspection to cover ourselves in case there were any missing parts, new body damage, new mechanical issues, wheels and tyres being changed etc.

To read more about this please refer to our terms and conditions, section 4.

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