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Pros and cons of a convertible

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Some days we’re lucky enough for the sun to make itself known. The day is brighter, and the air is warmer. But when the heat hits, your car is one place you know you might not be so grateful. In scorching temperatures, sitting in the confines of your vehicle can be a nightmare, especially when your air conditioning never seems to be enough. Long drives to picturesque locations for staycations can seem much longer than usual. One solution to the rising temperature is to drive a convertible and embrace Mother Nature’s air conditioning. But are convertible cars all plain sailing?

The pros


Winding a window down or a sunroof back will never compete with the feeling of driving around with the top down.

Retractable roofs

Gone are the days of jumping out of the old convertible to manually close the roof when the clouds decide to pour. Modern convertibles allow you to shield yourself from the elements with a simple press of a button. Just make sure you know which one you’re buying.


With the roof down there is a noticeable reduction in blind spots, which makes manoeuvring and parking easier.

The cons


There have been improvements to the materials used to keep water out of convertibles, but it is no guarantee that it will keep the rain out. This is particularly true during a big deluge of rain and snow.

The chassis

In the absence of a fixed roof, a car loses a major part of its structural support system, which can cause “chassis shudder”. Even when a convertible’s undercarriage has been reinforced it doesn’t make up for the loss of the roof, which can lead to rough rides over bumps in the road.


Top up or down, convertibles with soft tops are known to be noisy.

Faster aging of the interior

Exposure to the sun can take its toll on the interior of your car. An exposed car might make for a thrilling ride but it also means the inside of your vehicle will get dirty quicker.

Less security

If you’re going with a soft top option, break-ins could be an issue as they’re a lot easier to get into than a reinforced sheet of metal.

There are a lot of points to ponder when considering whether or not to go with a convertible for the summer. The cons do seem to be numerous, but the wow factor of cruising through the streets with the wind in your hair could far outweigh these negatives.

Convertible car

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