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How to prepare your car for selling?

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Before selling your car there are some simple steps you can take to maximise its value. Spending a bit of extra time preparing your car can really make a difference and help you achieve the best possible price. Follow these suggestions to learn how to prepare your car for selling.

Clean your car inside and out

Whether you have been using your car to transport pets or you have let the litter build up, cleaning your car can have a key impact on the sale of your car. You want to make it as attractive as possible to buyers and if that means spending a few hours with the vacuum cleaner and a duster then it’s definitely worth it. Presenting your car in a clean and tidy state can add £100 to its value, and if you don’t want to clean it yourself, a full valet service could be between £15 and £50.

Check the car’s essentials

Another low cost way to prepare your car for selling is to check all of its essentials. You should check your tyre’s pressure, its tread (the minimum legal tread depth is 1.6mm across the width) and the condition of your spare tyre. It’s also important to check the electrics, oil, coolant and brake fluid levels before you sell. These are simple maintenance steps that which will help to show the car in its best form and will ensure you won’t have money knocked off its value.

MOTs and minor repairs

If your car is due for a new MOT soon, it might be worth getting this done before you try to sell it. It’s not necessary but it will help make your car look more attractive to potential buyers and show your commitment to keeping it in a good condition. You could also consider touching up chips and scratches – either professionally or yourself if you know how to. Minor repairs could make a big difference, as long as you don’t spend too much on them. Small windscreen chips, for example, can usually be repaired under your car insurance at no additional cost, and with no effect on your no-claims discount.

Find your documents

Finding all the relevant paperwork, including the V5C registration document, servicing schedule and your most recent MOT certificate, is also helpful when preparing to sell your car. Making sure that you have these readily available will help you to secure the sale as well as showing you have looked after the vehicle in the past. It will save you time searching for them once you have sold the car too.

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