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Milton Keynes is one of the UK’s newest towns having only been designated as a district in 1967. However, the art of selling your car is not quite as recent a concept though; if you need to raise capital by selling your car then the used car market has been your main solution for generations.

Although, the arrival of has made the car buying process more safe, reliable and professional. We are the UK’s favourite car buying service and it’s not hard to see why, with benefits such as:

  • Exceptional customer service
  • A free, no obligation valuation
  • Administration handling
  • Flexible appointment times and opening hours fitted around your schedule
  • Reliable and quick payment service

Sell my car in Milton Keynes in three quick-fire steps

  • Log on – Simply get on your way by entering your car’s registration details and follow the subsequent easy-to-understand steps until completion
  • Consider your valuation – Your data will be correlated by our experts and you will receive an on-screen and email free valuation of your car straightaway
  • Book in a visit to us – If you’re happy with our offer then its time to come and see us at our MK office. Your email valuation will also contain a list of all the documentation you need to bring with you to speed up the process
  • Finalise the deal – If everything is in place and both parties are happy with the deal after a final check then we will shake hands and have the money in your account within four days

Where to find us in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes is a transport hub, so you won’t find it hard to find our MK office, which is neatly situated between the A5 and M1. To book an appointment call Lee on 01908 854405 on email us at or pop into the office.

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