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Tips for test driving and checking a new car

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Choosing a new car, whether it is new or used, is exciting! However, before you launch into buying your dream car it is vital that you test it first. A test drive allows you to quickly find out if a car feels good to drive and if it will suit your driving needs, both practically and emotionally.

This information guide is designed to help you make the most out of your test drive and ultimately help you purchase the right car for you:

What to consider before you take a test drive

Checks you should perform when on the test drive

Things to consider after the test drive

So after considering all of the above, does the car still meet your expectations? If so, probably time to head down to the local dealership and start negotiating! Car dealerships are often franchises therefore if you know the make and model of car you want make sure to do you do your homework and research the market for the best deals around. They are not called dealerships for nothing!

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Tips for test driving and checking a new car
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