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Value of My Car – What Is the Market Value of My Car?

When you want to sell your used car in UK, you may ask yourself ‘How do I value my car’, ‘How much is my car worth to sell?’ or ‘Where can I get a free valuation of my car?’.

Trying to determine the market value of your second hand car today can be quite a daunting task, which can take both time and money. You can research online or in newspapers and car guides, trying to find similar cars, so you can then estimate price on yours. The information to collect is: mileage, colour, engine type, age, condition, etc. You could try to find as many similar vehicles on different car selling websites as possible and then possibly take an average of all the prices. What about if your car is nothing like other cars you find in UK? It may have a low mileage for its age, added extras and modifications like different interior. How do you know what adds value to your car and what doesn’t?

The easy and free way to value your car

We make your job easier, as we value your car online for free using the registration number you enter into our car valuation calculator and the details you provide. During the valuation process you are able to enter detailed information about your vehicle and the more accurate the information you give us, the more accurate final valuation will be. At the end of the process you can see your car’s value instantly and this value is also emailed to you. If you are happy with the valuation, you can also book an appointment to sell your car to us.

So, if you’re thinking ‘Where can I get a free valuation of my car?’, We Want Any Car can help.

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