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Value of My Car – What Is the Market Value of My Car?

The car market fluctuates on a regular basis, with trends affecting valuations from seasonality to car colour and new car registrations. For example, if you were trying to sell a convertible, you’d probably obtain a better price if you’re trying to sell this in the summer months than the winter months. This also applies to SUVs – these are much easier to sell in the winter months.

It’s information like this that isn’t considered in the initial WeWantAnyCar.com online valuation process. This is information that will be accounted for at your appointment with one of our experienced UK car buyers.

Once you arrive at your appointment at your chosen branch, our car buyer will thoroughly check the exterior and interior of your vehicle. They will also take your car for a short test drive to confirm it is driveable.

After this inspection, they will consider the current car market and conclude a final offer price.

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