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Greatest TV car ads of all time…

Greatest tv car ads of all time

Let’s cut to the chase…most of us HATE watching TV adverts. But, thanks to the wonders of live pause, we can pretty much dodge them like a bullet these days. Having said that, we shouldn’t forget to pay tribute to those ads that broke the mould – the ‘Cadbury gorillas’ of our generation – that Read More →

Top 5 car safety checks

top car safety checks

You can lie to yourselves – but you can’t lie to us…how often can you honestly say you regularly complete safety checks on your vehicle? That’s what we thought. We can reel off a long list of reasons why you should be doing this, and they’re all pretty self-explanatory…but the most important point of all, Read More →

Top new hatchbacks that you need to know about…

top new hatchbacks 2017

2017 is set to be a great year for car releases in the UK, with many widely loved models undergoing redesigns to deliver an enhanced driving experience. We’ve been having a browse at what we should be expecting in the coming months and shortlisted the models that we think you really ought to keep an eye Read More →

5 Car Insurance Myths Debunked

Car insurance myths

You may find that there’s a rumour mill on the driving circuit that’s just brimming with supposed ‘facts’ about car insurance – and this big wheel just keeps on turning thanks to those drivers who think they know a thing or two, but clearly don’t. So, allow us to dispel some of the myths you’ve Read More →

Win four VIP tickets to Bolton Wanderers vs. Chesterfield match

win vip tickets bolton wanderers vs. chesterfield

Bolton Wanderers fans – how does the chance to win four VIP tickets to see the upcoming home game with Chesterfield sound? We bet a four-course pre-match meal and panoramic views of the stadium will wet your appetite even further! Our latest competition gives one lucky supporter the chance to win the ultimate match day experience Read More →

Paying cash for a car. What are your options?

Ways to pay for a car

Seems to us that everyone is taking the finance option to purchase cars these days… BUT what if you’re one of those who has the cash to buy your car outright? What are your options? There was certainly a time – some ten million years ago – when people actually used cash to buy things. Read More →

Acts of kindness on the road that will inspire you to be a nicer driver

Random Acts of Kindness on the road

Guess what folks… it’s Random Acts of Kindness Week! SO, in the spirit of this heart-warming time of year – here are just some of our favourite examples of UNBELIEVABLY adorable moments of generosity that are sure to restore your faith in humanity… When these guys decided to treat everyone to a drive-through… When this Read More →

Valentine’s Day – show a little love for your car

Show a little love for your car

If anyone deserves to be spoiled this Valentine’s Day – it’s your car. Think about it… They carry us everywhere, put up with your screech- we mean…singing on the road and literally take a beating whenever you decide to channel your rage into the horn. So keep the wheels of love turning and show a Read More →

Top cars that beat London congestion charges

Beat London congestion charge

Planning a trip to the capital? Perhaps you’re visiting friends or family for a weekend, or maybe you’re just passing through on business. Either way, you’ll need to factor in the London Congestion Charge if you’re taking a car… If your car emits over 75g/km of CO2 then there’s no escaping a fee that will Read More →

We Want Any Car – Hitting bullseye with James Wade

Jame Wade and WeWantAnyCar

You may have seen in the news that we have teamed up with PDC darts star James Wade and his wife Sammi, who will be WeWantAnyCar brand ambassadors throughout 2017 – and hopefully into the future. Darts is experiencing a phenomenal boom in terms of interest, and its televised viewing figures are now second only Read More →

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