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How to brighten up your daily commute

Daily Commute

Picture this… It’s 6am. You’re half asleep, bleary-eyed and the blood curdling ‘BRINNNNNG’ of your alarm clock says it’s time to move. For some of us, the next challenge is getting our foggy heads off the pillow. For others, the real hurdle is tackling the commute ahead. Over a lifetime, the average commuter will spend Read More →

How diesel is driving the August media agenda

Diesel Cars

Diesel has been driving the automotive news agenda all summer but the first ten days in August has just seen things go up a gear. Traditionally a quiet news period, August 2017 has turned up the noise with a series of diesel announcements to fire the interest of motorists everywhere in what has been a Read More →

Is my diesel car a financial ticking time bomb?

Ban diesel and petrol cars

The UK Government has announced its plans to ban diesel and petrol cars, and in doing so has left motorists facing a dilemma about what to do with their ‘dirty’ diesel cars. As part of a package of radical measures that formed the Government’s clean air strategy, it’s headline announcement focused on ending production of Read More →

Government unveils plan to ban diesel and petrol cars

Ban diesel and petrol cars

The UK Government has unveiled plans to ban diesel and petrol cars in a package of radical measures designed to tackle air pollution. In what effectively sounds a death knell for diesel and petrol cars, the Government published its eagerly awaited clean air strategy this week with a headline announcement to ban diesel and petrol Read More →


Spotify Six Weeks of Summer

Get set for ‘Six Weeks of Summer’ with the We Want Any Car Spotify channel! To kick-start the holiday season we have decided to bring a little extra sunshine to you in the car with exclusive new playlists packed with all your favourite feel good songs to get you through your journey, week after week… Read More →

Most costly car repairs

Most costly car repairs

One of the painful truths of owning a car is that they cost money. And depending on the bumps, scrapes and faults you pick up along the way – they can cost a lot of money. It’s not the simple of matter of buying, insuring and filling the tank. Cars are like people, prone to Read More →

Best family cars 2017

Tired of cramming that stroller into your tiny little boot? Sick of squeezing those child car seats into the back of your three door? Had enough of your noisy engine that keeps waking the kids up on route? Then perhaps it’s time to consider trading in your current car for a more family-friendly alternative. So, Read More →

The end of the combustion engine is nigh, Volvo go all electric

Volvo to go all electric

Electric cars have received a publicity power surge in recent weeks as national governments, including the UK and vehicle manufacturers made a series of headline grabbing announcements. The sparks really began to fly in the automotive industry in early July as Volvo unveiled its game hanging decision to become the first car manufacturer to go Read More →

How the diesel debate is fuelling consumer uncertainty

90 days of diesel

The diesel debate is heating up and the last 90 days have seen a flurry of announcements, reports, research and opinion to further stoke the discussion. They say a week is a long time in politics but the last three months must have seemed like an eternity for diesel car owners as they were hit Read More →

Surprising things that your old car has that your new car does not

Things that your old car has that your new car does not

Time flies – have you ever noticed? We have. It’s actually scary to take a step back and realise just how fast society is moving in the tech race. Gone are the days of the portable CD player – lo and behold Spotify. So long to rewind video cassettes – hello Blu-ray. And RIP Blockbusters, Read More →

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