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What to do if you buy a faulty used car

Buying a faulty car

For many, buying a used car is a preferred approach when it comes to changing vehicles. And whilst this is a popular and oftentimes safe option, there are sometimes those unfortunate cases when a recently brought car turns out to be faulty or damaged. So, we’re here to tell you what to do when this Read More →

The world’s most dangerous roads

World’s most dangerous road 2017

Most of you reading this have probably experienced some kind of close encounter with fate on the roads at one point or another. However, we’re willing to bet you haven’t seen how hairy things can really get for drivers around the world, especially at the following locations. So seatbelts on and brace for impact…here are Read More →

Goodwood Festival of Speed – all you need to know

goodwood festival of speed

Goodwood Festival of Speed is back this summer – and we can’t wait! Taking place in the beautiful parkland surroundings of the Goodwood House and estate, this event is also known as the ultimate summer garden party for motorsport lovers. Best part – tickets are now on sale, so it’s time to plan ahead! So, Read More →

Win one of ten indulgent Easter hampers!

we want any car easter competition

Easter is quickly approaching and as we all know, it’s a time for eating chocolate, some more chocolate and a whole lot more chocolate just for good measure, right? If you’re on the same wave-length as us, then you’ll be delighted to know that we’ve got a competition that’s right up your street… From this Read More →

Greatest cars of all time…as told by Hollywood

greatest Hollywood cars

People seem to think that it’s the glitz and glam of Hollywood A listers that make a great movie. Now we may be biased, but we’re going to argue that in many ways, it’s the cars that drive their box office success. Here’s our list of the greatest movie cars of all time, where wheels Read More →

6 crazy ways people customise their cars

Crazy ways people customise their cars

You know when people have kids and they suddenly feel the need to dress them up in silly outfits? Well, apparently there are others out there who like to put their cars through the same embarrassment. We just can’t understand why drivers feel the need to ‘pimp their rides’ like this… 1. Eye lashes This Read More →

Greatest TV car ads of all time

Greatest tv car ads of all time

Let’s cut to the chase…most of us HATE watching TV adverts. But, thanks to the wonders of live pause, we can pretty much dodge them like a bullet these days. Having said that, we shouldn’t forget to pay tribute to those ads that broke the mould – the ‘Cadbury gorillas’ of our generation – that Read More →

Top 5 car safety checks

top car safety checks

You can lie to yourselves – but you can’t lie to us…how often can you honestly say you regularly complete safety checks on your vehicle? That’s what we thought. We can reel off a long list of reasons why you should be doing this, and they’re all pretty self-explanatory…but the most important point of all, Read More →

Top new hatchbacks that you need to know about

top new hatchbacks 2017

2017 is set to be a great year for car releases in the UK, with many widely loved models undergoing redesigns to deliver an enhanced driving experience. We’ve been having a browse at what we should be expecting in the coming months and shortlisted the models that we think you really ought to keep an eye Read More →

5 Car Insurance Myths Debunked

Car insurance myths

You may find that there’s a rumour mill on the driving circuit that’s just brimming with supposed ‘facts’ about car insurance – and this big wheel just keeps on turning thanks to those drivers who think they know a thing or two, but clearly don’t. So, allow us to dispel some of the myths you’ve Read More →

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