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Top 5 cars for expecting parents

Top 5 cars for families

Having a baby is probably one of the biggest lifestyle changes you’ll experience. Suddenly there’s a permanent companion in your life that depends on you for love and protection around the clock. This also means that they’ll be with you for pretty much the majority of the day, whether you’re out on the food shop, Read More →

What happens if you get a puncture?

What happens if you get a puncture

To put it bluntly, a punctured tyre is something that’s more than likely going to happen to you at some point during your driving lifetime. And if it doesn’t, you’ll have to tell us where you found that lucky four leaf clover. Flat, punctured or blown tyres are just one part of owning a car… Read More →

5 Top Tips for Driving Safely at Night

Driving Safely at Night

Here’s a fact for you: Whilst only 15% of vehicle miles are clocked between 7pm and 7am, they also account for nearly a third of all injuries and fatalities on the road – a Department for Transport study has revealed. Now, we’re not saying this to scare you – just prepare you. The fact is, Read More →

Top 5 new cars we can’t wait for in 2017

top 5 new cars for 2017

2016 was an awesome year for new cars but we reckon 2017 could be even better with a whole host of top manufacturers announcing new models that will hit the showroom in the new year… Whether it’s an SUV, a crossover, saloon or something a little smaller, we’re sure that there’s something in our list Read More →

What makes a car safe?

How safe is your car?

It’s an important question… but one without a simple answer. The reality is, travelling in any vehicle automatically poses some level of risk to its occupants in the event of an accident or collision. You are sharing a road with other drivers, all of whom – like yourself – are controlling heavy cars capable of Read More →

The Ultimate Guide to Winter Driving

Quick links on this page: Prepare your car for winter checklist Prepare yourself for driving in winter Winter driving precautions Quick tips As winter takes hold we finally have an opportunity to enjoy shutting the curtains and snuggling up at home, but when it comes to venturing out in the car things can become much Read More →

Car speedo: How fast are you really going?

How does a speedometer work? Okay, so as we were all reminded repeatedly in science class, speed is the measurement of distance over time. Your car’s speedometer however, doesn’t actually measure how fast you travel but works by measuring the rotation of your car’s wheel, axle or driveshaft. Then, they essentially use some basic maths Read More →

Give a child a merry Christmas by donating your old toy cars to Barnardo’s

This Christmas, We Want Any Car will be running a toy car campaign in conjunction with national children’s charity, Barnardo’s. In this campaign, we’re aiming to encourage people across the country to donate any old or unwanted car toys to the charity, whose work gives vital support to vulnerable children throughout the UK At this Read More →

The Best Christmas Gifts for Car Lovers & Enthusiasts 2016

This week we officially kick off the countdown to Christmas. So, it’s time to get into the festive spirit and start thinking about stocking fillers! We know how difficult it is to be creative with gift ideas – especially when you have a huge family to shop for! So we’ve put our thinking caps on Read More →

Cars of the future 2050. Here’s what we think they could feature…

This year we’ve seen some impressive advancements in the auto industry, with car manufacturers like Tesla going driverless and introducing breakthroughs that will change the nature of driving as we know it. This got us thinking that there really is no limit to what could be achieved to enhance the driving experience… In this spirit, Read More →

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