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Hilarious UK road names

Hilarious UK road names

We’ve all come across a place or two that has a pretty comical name. But as it turns out…this country is full of them! So we did some digging and these are some of the best place names we’ve found… Backside Lane, Banbury Seriously? Imagine giving your address details to a phone operator if you Read More →

Diesel car sales fall by 20%

Diesel car sales fall 2017

Demand for new diesel cars plummeted by a fifth last month with worries about future vehicle regulation and rising concerns over air pollution fuelling the downturn. Approximately 81,500 new diesel cars were registered in the UK in May, down 20% on the same month last year, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. Read More →

Weirdest driving facts from around the world

Weirdest driving facts

Ever wondered when the first speeding ticket was issued, or how many cars there are in the world? We look at 10 of the weirdest driving facts from around the world: It is a criminal offence to drive around in a dirty car in Russia Bad news for all those that hate washing their car! Read More →

Top tips for young drivers

Top tips for young drivers

New to driving? Recently passed your test? Great! Now – before you shoot off, make sure you take some pearls of wisdom with you on your journey, and allow us to help you get your head into driving gear… Don’t sweat the parallel parking Not quite there with this manoeuvre? Hey, don’t worry about it. Read More →

Gap insurance – what it is, and why you might need it

Gap insurance explained

It’s annoying to know that the moment you drive your brand new car away from the dealership its value drops significantly. The drop doesn’t end there either. Findings published by the AA show that, on average, the value of your lovely new motor will fall by around 40% during the first 12 months – and Read More →

50 thoughts we all have in traffic

50 thoughts in traffic

Oh great, here we go. This is just what I need. Maybe it’s just a bit of congestion? We are literally not moving. What if I need the toilet?! Oh God…I need the toilet. No wait…I AM DESPERATE FOR THE TOILET. And I’m trapped. This is the worst thing to happen to anyone, ever. And Read More →

Top 5 most annoying things drivers do on the road

Annoying drivers

When we say drivers, obviously we don’t mean you – you’re awesome. No, we’re talking about everybody else. We all know how easily road rage is triggered, but in all fairness a lot of the time it’s those little injustices that can really wind us up. Now we realise that there are probably A LOT Read More →

Careless parking costing UK motorists nearly a half a billion a year

Careless parking

Careless parking is costing UK motorists a whopping £459 million collectively in damage to their vehicles, according to new research. The everyday task of parking in a car park is coming at a huge cost to UK motorists as a result of dings and dents caused by themselves or fellow careless car park users. The Read More →

Best car moments in British Sitcoms

Let’s face it, British comedy is pretty tough to beat. There are literally hundreds of hilarious sitcom moments to roll around laughing to. But seeing as we’re about all things automotive, we decided to focus on the best car scenes we’ve seen! So take a look, have a giggle, then give us a shout if Read More →

The Complete Car Financing Guide

The Complete Car Financing Guide

In this day and age, you can pretty much buy any new car on finance. And whilst you have lots of options to choose from, having a range of choices can make it hard to know which arrangement suits you best. So we thought we’d break it down for you. Here are your options, their Read More →

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