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6 ways you can save time in the morning

6 ways you can save time in the morning

We all seem to be rushing around all the time whether it’s getting to work, coming home from work or taking the kids somewhere. The ideas below could help you save some much-needed time in your morning routine. After all, if you arrive at work after a smooth morning, you feel ready to tackle the Read More →

Road tripping this year? 5 top apps for a better car trip

Road tripping this year? 5 top apps for a better car trip

Taking a long car trip? Travelling in the car can become very boring, very quickly. So if you want to keep the boredom at bay, check out the below apps for a better car trip. Which ones would you use? Or maybe you’re already reaping the benefits of some of them? Audible An Amazon product, Read More →

What is a smart motorway and what should you look for?

What is a smart motorway?

Firstly, what is a smart motorway? You’ve probably heard the term ‘smart motorway’ before, but do you know what it means? A smart motorway uses technology to control traffic flow in a dynamic way, particularly in busy areas. Methods implemented on a smart motorway include the use of the hard shoulder when required to manage Read More →

Driverless cars to arrive on UK roads as early as this year

Driverless cars coming to the UK roads this year

After the fatal accident in Arizona involving a pedestrian and a driverless car, you’d be forgiven for thinking further driverless car developments within the industry would be on hold. That may be the case for some firms in the United States. But here in the UK, the government are set to review the law to Read More →

THINK! Road Safety’s powerful drink driving campaign

THINK! road safety drink driving campaign

The Department of Transport’s dedicated road safety website, THINK!, has created a variety of thought-provoking adverts to help tackle road-safety related issues. Some of these issues include seatbelts, mobile phone use while driving, and perhaps most memorable are their drink driving campaigns. THINK! states that in 2015 in Great Britain, 170 young people (aged 17-24) Read More →

11 photos that will make you want to road trip in Canada

11 photos that will make you want to road trip through Canada

In Canada, whichever way you turn a photo opportunity presents itself. With beautiful scenery in abundance and majestic wild moose, bears, and elk, it’s not surprising that in 2016 the country welcomed nearly 60 million tourists. If you didn’t want to visit Canada before, you’ll certainly think about it after you’ve seen these 11 photos! It’s Read More →

How to survive a long drive alone

How to survive a long drive alone

Sometimes, taking a drive alone can be nice. It’s quiet, you can’t get into arguments over navigational mishaps, and you get to choose your pace and, most importantly, the music. But after a while, it can seem like a never-ending journey. So whether you’ve got a long drive planned as part of work or you’re Read More →

4 must-read tips for driving abroad

Must-read tips for driving abroad

Driving abroad can fill some of us with dread, particularly if you’re visiting a country where they drive on the opposite side of the road. It can be daunting from picking up your hire car to mastering the different driving laws. But there’s no need to panic! As we have gathered together four must-read tips Read More →

Electric vehicle market heats up as Summer 2017 see surge in EV interest

Electric Vehicle Market Heats Up

One of the hottest automotive topics of the summer 2017 has undoubtedly been the surge of interest in electric vehicles as vehicle manufacturers and governments race to embrace all things electric. It was back in early July when the electric vehicle news pipeline began to crackle, as Volvo revealed its game changing decision to become Read More →

Should I sell my diesel car and if so when?

Should I sell my diesel car?

The dilemma faced by motorists to ‘ditch the diesel’ has never been greater than in recent months. Faced by a ‘perfect storm’ of Government regulations and a flurry of scrappage schemes announced by the major car manufacturers, diesel car owners have never had more pressure or opportunity to get rid of their ‘dirty diesels’. It Read More →

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