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Best dog-friendly cars

A lot of considerations come with buying a new car. Often your personal circumstances change and something that was not important to you in the past suddenly becomes the key factor in deciding which car to purchase. Take the addition of a dog to your family for example and you’ve suddenly got an awful lot to think about when it comes to shopping around.

Big dog or small dog, all like to sit, stand, jump in and out of car doors and boots and turn around. Sounds a bit like a canine Hokey Cokey, right? The point is that space is incredibly important in making your dog feel comfortable when travelling. As is height, as all that jumping in and out can lead to leg injuries.

The quality of the drive is also a vital aspect as dogs suffer from motion sickness just like humans. So the suspension is certainly something to monitor when taking your potential new vehicle for a test drive.

Check out some dog-friendly cars below if you’re in the market for a new motor.

Great for luxury – Land Rover Discovery

With plenty of boot space and storage, the Land Rover Discovery is a comfortable option for you and your dog. The split tailgate allows your pooch to easily leap in and out of the boot and touchscreen on the HSE or HSE Luxury trim allows you to fold the rear seats down, giving extra space in the back. Doubling up on luxury, you can opt for Land Rover’s Pet Pack which includes some great accessories such as a quilted boot liner, partitions and a pet carrier.

Great for owners on a budget – Dacia Logan MCV

If you feel an estate is the best style for you and your dog, but budget is an issue the Dacia Logan MCV has a roomy boot similar to those models with more than double its price tag. With all seats in their upright position, this Dacia has 573 litres of boot capacity, stretching to 1,518 litres when the rear seats are folded down. However, with the price comes a little compromise on design, although a pretty basic trim could be more practical and easier to keep clean.

Great for space and safety – Volvo V60

With safety and accident prevention at the forefront of the tech behind Volvo models, the V60 is a great choice for dog owners thanks to its 5-star Euro NCAP rating. This version has rear climate control which helps to keep your dog happy during a journey. Volvo also offer optional tie-downs to help secure your pet, as well as a barrier for added security. This roomy estate is a great size for 1-2 dogs.

Great for a low boot and a smooth ride – Skoda Superb Estate

Boasting a solid driving performance and a 4-wheel drive option, the Skoda Superb is a hit for both humans and canines during country exploring and motorway cruising. Designed specifically with dog safety in mind, the boot offers 660 litres of space and has a low, yet wide opening making it ideal for your family pet.

Great for those who don’t want an estate – Mazda CX-5

The mid-size SUV by Mazda was voted ‘best car for dog-owners’ after being tried and tested by real dogs and their owners. Finding that the model has a stylish interior for the driver, practical features for the dog and an affordable price tag, it was decided that the CX-5 has a winning combination, proving you don’t need to solely focus on estates. Mazda also offer a dog guard as an additional option, along with a boot bumper and mat.

Best dog-friendly cars

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Best dog-friendly cars

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