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Best family cars 2017

Tired of cramming that stroller into your tiny little boot? Sick of squeezing those child car seats into the back of your three door? Had enough of your noisy engine that keeps waking the kids up on route?

Then perhaps it’s time to consider trading in your current car for a more family-friendly alternative. So, here we have a selection of recent models you may want to consider…

Ford Focus hatchback

ford focus 2017

It’s hard to create a list like this without mentioning the Ford Focus, whose popularity continues to speaks for itself. The question is…what makes it such a great family choice?

For starters, its spacious interior and low running costs – and not only do you get these handy features, Ford have also made sure that its drivers continue to benefit from a fun driving experience. This includes sharp, accurate steering and suspension, as well as power and overall performance.

However, it’s worth noting for those reliant on maximum storage, the Focus sits below average on this score thanks to a small boot opening.

Nonetheless for efficiency, reliability and comfort, the Focus is definitely an option worth considering.

Price: £19,635 – £26,845

Renault Megane

renault megane

Who says that owning a decent family car should come at the price of style? Renault doesn’t.

With a striking and sporty looking exterior, combined with a terrific 87% child protection rating and overall five star safety approval from Euro NCAP, you can find both cosmetic and safety appeal in the latest Megane hatchback.

This model possesses all the essential tech specs that most drivers are seeking these days – including TomTom sat nav, infotainment, Bluetooth, USB connectivity and keyless entry, to name a few.

In addition the Megane also scores highly in the boot space category, maintaining the same trademark large ‘rear’ to which it has always been associated. This design means you’ll find plenty of space as a parent to pack those much-needed items for family adventures in the car!

Price: £17,790 – £27,990

Audi A3 Sportback hatchback

audi a3 sportback

Another popular choice amongst buyers is the eighth best-selling car in the UK last year. By stepping inside the A3 Sportback you’ll soon appreciate a flawlessly designed dashboard that is pretty tough to top.

In terms of how this car drives, you can enjoy an equal blend of sharpness, accuracy as well as an impressive quietness on the move.

Another added bonus comes from an excellent 148 bhp 1.4-litre petrol engine that shuts down whilst cruising. This means that the car can be returned to 61mpg, costing you a mere £20 annual road tax.

Though this model is the most spacious family choice in the range, it is not necessarily the cheapest for those purchasing on a budget.

Price:  £20,985 – £33,905

Hyundai i30

hyundai i30

If you are in the market for a more economical option for family transport, it might be worth considering the i30 option.

Distinctive and modern in appearance, this model also offers good equipment as well as a comfortable driving experience during those longer journeys.

You will not have the same range of options when it comes to personalising the features and equipment of the car as other manufacturers might offer – as your choices are limited to the gearbox, wheels and paint colour.

However, all i30s come with voice recognition, Bluetooth connectivity, LED running lights and air-conditioning equipment – so you won’t exactly be left in the stone age!

Price  £23,585

BMW i3

bmw i3

Time to shock you with an electric pick! See what we did there? The i3 is certainly one to consider if you’re looking for a model with great handling ability whilst having a super lightweight build.

This car carries a likely range of 124 miles, however by purchasing the range-extender version that features a two-cylinder petrol engine to prevent the risk of your battery running flat, you can enjoy an efficient and low-cost driving experience with the family in tow.

When considered as a leasing option, the i3 can make a lot of sense, so long as the limits involved with electric cars do not impact upon your day to day life.

Price: £33,070-£38,230

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