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BMW hopes for British boost for electric car

Electric cars are the latest trend in the industry as car manufacturers and drivers look to commit themselves to finding alternative means of propulsion rather than the traditional method of petrol or diesel-fuelled. It’s no surprise when the likes of Toyota, Mazda, Ford and Honda all try to break the mould and embrace a new technology, but when a manufacturer of BMW’s ilk begins to then it does turn heads.

A performance car specialist

BMW is a performance car specialist and prides itself on building ‘ultimate driving machines’ that revolutionised the standard and performance of car building in the executive car class; take the BMW 3-Series for example. You can rely on BMW being the class leader in great driving, precise handling and effortlessly poised cars that outperform anything else on the market, but would they ever be your first choice electric car supplier?

Well, the manufacturer has just entered the market and begun to sell an electric car, which has far reaching repercussions for the rest of the premium car makers. BMW are not going to move into this sector unless they believe they can transform it and no one will be betting against them revolutionising the market.

BMW i3: the electric car of the future?

The BMW i3 hopes to improve the range and reliability of an electric car by making changes to have a lightweight chassis that should help; as well as a “get out of jail” card in the form of an de-attachable petrol tank hidden alongside the electric motor that will enable the driver to boost the car’s range by a further hundred miles, which is the kind of peace of mind that electric cars do not currently offer.

Looking at the bigger picture

The i3 is only the tip of the iceberg of BMW’s ambitions in the electric market with a line-up of models due to be rolled off the production line over the next few years. The first of which will be an i8; an electric executive saloon, which will have to offer range and green credentials, but blended perfectly with the performance to match, so they really do have their work cut out.

To achieve their electric goals, BMW is putting a lot of hope into the UK market as it looks to get a slice of the cake. To this end they have specified London as a key area for sales as it “typifies the urban mobility challenges of the future”. Their confidence in the potential of the British market does not look misplaced with over a third of BMW’s UK dealerships signing up to sell the all-new electric i3 range. In total, forty-six of the dealer network will sell it with dealers handpicked in density populated urban areas where they will be far more likely to be called for; as well as their ability to repair the car when necessary.

What is the price of a BMW i3?

The i3, like all other electric cars, will not be on the cheap side coming in at over £25,000 even after the government’s £5,000 ultra low emissions vehicle grant. However, BMW believe that the i3 “will make money from Day One” and won’t need incentives to drive off the forecourts of Britain.
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