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Top tips for buying a new car

top tips for buying a new car

Buying a new car can be an exciting albeit stressful experience. But if you do your research beforehand and understand all your car buying options, you’ll enjoy the experience a lot more. Here are our top tips for buying a new car. Firstly, understand what it is you want Before you even begin looking at Read More →

How to negotiate when buying a used car

Money Advice Service research has recently revealed that 64% of people that tried to negotiate when buying a car were successful. So read our key things you need to know before and during a car negotiation process to arm yourself with knowledge you need to bag a discount… Let’s face it… us Brits don’t do Read More →

Should you buy a petrol or diesel car in 2016?

Car manufacturers are getting much more advanced, meaning both diesel and petrol engines are running smoother and more efficiently than ever before. So with an even playing field, which engine should you go for with your next car purchase? This debate is always a tough one. It’s hard to provide a straight forward answer, so Read More →

Tips on buying a used convertible

When it comes to buying a convertible, there’s a little more to think about than when purchasing a normal car. Due to the difference in their construction, it’s important to check any second hand convertible that you’re thinking about buying as thoroughly as possible before driving away. It’s also a good idea to be prepared Read More →

Which optional extras increase car resale values?

When buying a new car, we all want the best that we can afford, and that often includes extra features to make our ride either more comfortable, attractive, or more efficient. But are there any long term benefits in paying upfront for optional extras? Will paying extra for that CD-Changer and metallic paint pay off Read More →

Top used cars to help you forget new car blues

As 64 plate vehicles become available from September 2014, some of you may be rushing out to get yours. If you can’t afford to buy a car from brand new, don’t get new car blues. The arrival of the new plate creates opportunities to buy a bargain, make your money go further, and buy a Read More →

Lifting the lid on convertibles

It might be raining today, but summer stretches ahead and that can mean only one thing for people in the market for a new car – it’s time to get your top off. But whilst the dream of cruising along, sun on your face, wind in your hair, paints an idyllic picture – remember that Read More →

Car Write Off Categories Explained – Everything You Need To Know

If you’re looking for a good deal on a car and you don’t want to pay the full book price, then you could consider buying an insurance write off. Whilst this might sound like a little bit of a risky process, not all write-offs are due to unrepairable damage to the vehicle. With the right Read More →

A diesel car may not save you money

With fuel prices currently at record highs, there are many motorists who are rushing out to buy diesel vehicles in order to save money on running costs. However, recent research has shown that a diesel car will only save you money if you travel more than 10,000 miles a year. Last year in the UK, Read More →

Choose a used car that best suits your needs

It can be just as exciting to buy a second hand car as it is to buy a new one so it is a good idea to do some research before you begin. Remember that buying a car is quite an investment and you need to ensure you get value for money. You will probably Read More →

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