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Ever wondered where famous car brands got their name from?

famous car brands

The first automobile was made more than 130 years ago in 1885. While some brands have come and gone, others have stood the test of time. We look into how some of the most famous car brands came up with their name. Audi August Horch was the founder of Audi, but before this he used Read More →

New Land Rover Defender 2020

Land Rover Defender

Has there ever been a harder job in the car industry than being tasked with developing and re-imagining the Land Rover Defender? Love or loathe the new model, we can all agree that those behind the latest version were given a particularly difficult mission. Defender enthusiasts are a passionate bunch and so the pressure was Read More →

5 UK destinations you can reach by car this Summer

Struggling to come up with ideas to keep the kids occupied during the summer holiday? Or perhaps you and your partner have a long weekend waiting to be filled with your latest adventure? There are some fantastic places and attractions to visit in the UK, which make a last-minute road trip very appealing indeed. So, Read More →

What to do if you buy a faulty used car

Buying a faulty car

For many, buying a used car is a preferred approach when it comes to changing vehicles. And whilst this is a popular and oftentimes safe option, there are sometimes those unfortunate cases when a recently brought car turns out to be faulty or damaged. So, we’re here to tell you what to do when this Read More →

Greatest cars of all time…as told by Hollywood

greatest Hollywood cars

People seem to think that it’s the glitz and glam of Hollywood A listers that make a great movie. Now we may be biased, but we’re going to argue that in many ways, it’s the cars that drive their box office success. Here’s our list of the greatest movie cars of all time, where wheels Read More →

Top 5 car safety checks

top car safety checks

You can lie to yourselves – but you can’t lie to us…how often can you honestly say you regularly complete safety checks on your vehicle? That’s what we thought. We can reel off a long list of reasons why you should be doing this, and they’re all pretty self-explanatory…but the most important point of all, Read More →

The Ultimate Guide to Winter Driving

Quick links on this page: Prepare your car for winter checklist Prepare yourself for driving in winter Winter driving precautions Quick tips As winter takes hold we finally have an opportunity to enjoy shutting the curtains and snuggling up at home, but when it comes to venturing out in the car things can become much Read More →

The Best Christmas Gifts for Car Lovers & Enthusiasts 2016

This week we officially kick off the countdown to Christmas. So, it’s time to get into the festive spirit and start thinking about stocking fillers! We know how difficult it is to be creative with gift ideas – especially when you have a huge family to shop for! So we’ve put our thinking caps on Read More →

The Complete Guide to Winter Tyres – 2016 Edition

Quick links on this page: A quick guide to winter tyres What is the difference between summer and winter tyres? What are the benefits of fitting winter tyres to my car? What are the negatives? Insurance implications Our guide to buying winter tyres Keep a close eye on the tread Check your car handbook Understanding Read More →

The Complete Guide to Child Car Seats

Quick Links on this page: Rear Facing Baby Car Seats Forward facing seat Toddler Car Seats Booster Car Seats i-Size Car Seats Car Seats and the Law When a child seat is not needed Where to buy a car seat for your child? Other Tips Everything you need to know about child car seats Your Read More →

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