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How to avoid wasting time and money selling your car

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Are you looking for a quick, hassle-free way to sell your car without lowering its value? We don’t blame you; nobody wants the process of selling their vehicle to be any more difficult than it needs to be. Don’t worry, we’re here to help with a short guide on how to save time and money when you’re selling your car.

Online valuations are best

Getting an online valuation for your car is much quicker and easier than visiting a number of different car dealerships. For most online car selling service, including ours, you just need to enter your registration number, provide some of your vehicle’s details and submit it. Choosing a company that offers free valuations will save you money as well as time – and you’ll be able to compare quote this way. Online valuations also mean you can see how much your car is worth whenever and wherever suits you, saving you more time to daydream about your next car.

Give a detailed and honest vehicle description

To make the whole process of selling your car as smooth as possible, you need give any car dealers and car sales companies you’re considering selling with a detailed a description of your car’s condition. Whether you’re initially contacting them over the phone, via email or through their website, being thorough and honest will pay off because you won’t have your valuation reduced when the car is inspected in person. Also it’s likely that your inspection will take longer if the salesmen have to do further checks due to your inaccuracies. So why waste your own time? Be truthful about the state of your car from the beginning.

Get your documents ready

Once you’ve agreed on the price to sell your car for, you’ll need to locate all of its important documents. These vary from car sales company to car dealer but most will ask for your vehicle’s V5 certificate, service history, user manual, and any other relevant documents (see our guide to all the documents you’ll need to sell your car). If you aren’t the named owner of the car or van that you’re selling, then you might not be able to complete the transaction. Some companies will allow you to sell the vehicle on behalf of the registered keeper if you have proof of permission to sell it and some form of their ID such as a passport or photo driving license. You’ll need to know if this is an option before you set off to meet the car salesmen, otherwise you’ll be wasting their time as well as yours.

Give your vehicle a final check

It’s seems obvious to say that a vehicle that has been properly cleaned and looked after will be worth more than one that hasn’t, but lots of owners don’t seem to realise this. If you give your car a good clean on the outside as well as the inside then you’ll be maximising your car’s value. Otherwise car dealers will have to take the cost of doing this post-sale into account and are very likely to lower your valuation. The same can be said for checking all the car’s essentials such as the brakes, headlights, electric windows, tyres and oil levels. The better condition they are in, the more money you will get for your car – it’s as simple as that.

If we’ve persuaded you that selling your car really isn’t has hard as you thought, why not start the selling process today with a free no obligation quote? Share any top car selling tips of your own in the comments sections below or on Twitter @WeWantAnyCar.

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