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Top tips for buying a new car

top tips for buying a new car

Buying a new car can be an exciting albeit stressful experience. But if you do your research beforehand and understand all your car buying options, you’ll enjoy the experience a lot more. Here are our top tips for buying a new car. Firstly, understand what it is you want Before you even begin looking at Read More →

Keeping calm at the wheel: 6 tips to combat road rage

6 tips to combat road rage

Whether you get angry in rush hour or struggle to contain your temper when someone cuts you off – it’s important that you can calm yourself when in charge of a vehicle. One wrong move and you could cause a serious accident – putting both yourself and other road users in danger. If you’re in Read More →

NSPCC warn against dangerous ‘Kiki challenge’ while driving

Police and NSPCC warn against dangerous Kiki challenge

Police and child protection charity NSPCC have both warned parents and young drivers against taking part in the latest dangerous craze dubbed the ‘Kiki challenge’. The challenge includes participants exiting a moving vehicle through the passenger door to complete a dance routine to the song called In My Feelings by Drake. The challenge is not Read More →

How to effectively use your air conditioning this summer

Seat advises drivers how to use air conditioning

In recent weeks, the UK has seen temperatures higher than usual with some parts of the country experiencing weather over 35°C heat. With many offices lacking air conditioning systems, Brits can’t wait to get into their cars and crank up the A/C. But are you using it properly? How wrong can you really use it? Read More →

7 car camping ideas to try this summer holidays

7 car camping ideas to try this summer holidays

If you’re looking for a cost-effective holiday, camping can bring you closer to nature, keep you in budget and it’s great for everyone – couples, solo travels and family holidays. We’re sharing our top seven car camping ideas for you to try out this summer holidays! Position a mattress in the back of your car Read More →

Top 4 auto blogs you should follow

4 auto blogs you should follow

If you’re a lover of cars you’re in luck – we’ve gathered our favourite car blogs below. We’re sure you’ll find one that takes your fancy, maybe you already know of and follow them already? Who knows – here are our favourite go-to auto blogs you should follow, too. Got any to add to the Read More →

Summer holidays: 7 cheap family-friendly activity ideas

7 cheap family-friendly activity ideas

The summer holidays are just around the corner and for many parents, this can mean spending out a lot of money to keep your children entertained. Well, worry not, we’ve gathered 7 of the cheapest and most fun activities for both you and your children to enjoy! A picnic near a river There’s a standard Read More →

Government to invest half a million in bicycle awareness

Government to invest 500k in bicycle awareness lessons

It was reported by Sunday Times Driving this week that the government is set to spend half a million pounds on bicycle awareness lessons for driving instructors. This announcement ties in with ‘Operation Velo’ launched last year by police in Cambridgeshire. This operation saw police mounting bicycles to catch drivers who were passing too close Read More →

How to drive safely with your dog in the car

How to drive safely with your dog in the car

It’s summertime, which means you’ll probably be out and about basking in the sunshine before autumn swiftly closes in on us. If you’re taking your dog to the beach or out on an adventure of any kind, chances are you’ll be driving. But how can you safely drive with a dog in the car? Particularly Read More →

Ways you are unknowingly damaging your car

Ways you are unknowingly damaging your car

You might religiously book your car in for its annual service and wash it regularly like the good car owner you are but there are many common driving habits that could be damaging your car without you even realising. How many of the below do you do? Resting your hand on the handbrake Although your Read More →

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