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Is the Future Bright for the Electric Car in the UK?

  The Electric Vision In 1997 the electric car was somewhat of a utopian concept in the UK; the stuff of science fiction or playthings of the rich and extravagant. Then the Toyota Prius came along and began to chip away at the prevailing assumptions. Toyota’s hybrid offered a sort of bridge between two worlds; Read More →

Should you buy an electric car with a battery or without?

Vehicle manufacturers are starting to realise that all the cars they produce cannot be powered by just fossil fuels such as petrol and diesel. Aside from the environmental impact of using such fuels (CO2 or carbon dioxide emissions), there is also the fact that we use fossil fuels at a rate much faster than it Read More →

The best cars to survive a sudden flood

The unpredictability of the British weather is getting more and more extreme especially when it comes to flash flooding. Even areas not known for high rainfall are having sudden deluges that are putting local residents and businesses in danger of losing everything. Centimetres of water are plummeting down in short periods of time that flood residential and commercial areas destroying everything in its path.
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Car Write Off Categories Explained – Everything You Need To Know

If you’re looking for a good deal on a car and you don’t want to pay the full book price, then you could consider buying an insurance write off. Whilst this might sound like a little bit of a risky process, not all write-offs are due to unrepairable damage to the vehicle. With the right Read More →

It has been an up and down summer for Glasgow motorists

The end of summer is near and the city of Glasgow has seen it all in terms of motoring news being on the end of some potentially ground-breaking improvements, bad stories and some lighter news at both ends of the spectrum. Here are some snippets of the breaking news that has affected motorists in the Read More →

Understanding What Dashboard Warning Lights Mean

The last thing you want to see whilst driving is the glow of an unrecognisable warning light upon your dashboard. Although a nuisance, they serve as the key communication mechanism to relay important pieces of information regarding the cars condition. With the advent of modern technology, it’s not uncommon for a car to have over Read More →

5 tips to keep your car insurance and warranty intact

After buying a vehicle, it is important to get it insured against any damage and to also protect against the possibility of any future breakdown. Manufactures and dealers provide warranty products to protect the main areas of your vehicle, this can include the mechanical and electrical systems within the car as well external features such Read More →

Taking the stress out of selling your car

We all like the idea of buying a new car – new or used makes no difference. There is just something delightfully satisfying about driving away in that newly acquired machine. Of course, before most of us buy a new car, we need to sell our old one and that can be a rather daunting Read More →

BMW hopes for British boost for electric car

Electric cars are the latest trend in the industry as car manufacturers and drivers look to commit themselves to finding alternative means of propulsion rather than the traditional method of petrol or diesel-fuelled. It’s no surprise when the likes of Toyota, Mazda, Ford and Honda all try to break the mould and embrace a new Read More →

How LED Traffic Lights Are Making Our Roads Safer

The world of lighting has changed over the years, and dramatically; from burning incandescent filaments (traditional light bulbs) to compact fluorescents (CFLs) to light-emitting diodes (LEDs). LEDs have been used for decades for everything from aviation, to science, to the automotive industry, but only recently have they become widely available as energy-efficient and safe replacements Read More →

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