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Practical tips to prepare your car for autumn

The nights are drawing in quickly so now is a good time to prepare your car for the colder seasons. Not only should you check your car on a regular basis anyway, but it’s even more important to check your car is ready for the autumnal and wintery evenings ahead.

Check your lights

We are now all starting to wake up to darker mornings and come home to darker evenings. You don’t want to realise one of your bulbs has gone mid-journey from a fellow road user – visibility is paramount on our roads so make sure everyone can always see you.

Get a friend to walk around your car as you turn your lights on and press the brake lights. It only takes a few minutes.

Check your tyres

TyreSafe recommends you check your tyres once a month, every month – so this is again something you should be doing regularly. If you haven’t checked them since before the summer, it’s time to check them now before ice and frost set in for winter. As we all know, our tyres are the only part of our cars that make contact with the road. It is crucial they have the correct tread and that the tyre is in good condition generally.

According to TyreSafe, there have been a total of 5,375 casualties from tyre-related incidents in the last five years. Don’t contribute to these statistics and check your tyres.

Replace your windscreen wiper blades

Your windscreen wipers play a significant role in keeping your view as clear as possible in weather conditions with reduced visibility. If you notice your wipers are streaking or smearing dirty across your screen, it’s time to replace them. If you’re not sure how to replace them, watch this ‘how to’ video from Halfords below:

Make sure your screen wash is topped up

As the weather gets colder you can use a screen wash that includes an antifreeze solution helping you tackle the frosty mornings that little bit quicker. Your car can fail its MOT if your car is free from screen wash – this helps highlights how important topping up your screen wash is to your car’s maintenance and overall safety. If you can’t clear your windscreen effectively, it’s not safe to drive. Keep your screen wash topped up!

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