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Top five most annoying passengers

In an ideal world, our passengers would make life on the road that little bit more fun. Someone to have the banter with, Maverick and Goose style. However, more often than not, our ‘wingmen’ seem to find it easier to irritate, rather than entertain us…

So we made a list of what we think are the top five most annoying types of passengers. We’re sure you’ll recognise one or two of these…

1. The ones who leaves a mess…


This one REALLY grinds our gears. We all have a sneaky friend who sees our car as a ‘wheelie’ bin. Whether it’s a milkshake carton from the drive-through you guys picked up together last week, or the snotty tissues and old receipts they’ve decided to clear from their pockets and stuff in the side door – you know it’s no coincidence that the rubbish only seems to pile when they’ve been riding shotgun.

2. The ones who think it’s okay to criticise your driving…


Frustrating, right? Parents in particular seem completely incapable of holding back their terror when you’re taxiing them around. We’re sure you’ve all experienced hyperventilation and wincing from the left when you stop at a ‘T’ junction, their screams when you enter a roundabout or attempt to parallel park, and constant reminders to start braking…when you’re approximately three miles from a junction.

3. The ones who have the cheek to change your music…


This is a very bold move indeed, and a great way to receive a full blown verbal attack from a driver. Everyone knows the rule, NEVER mess with a driver’s music. If they’re happily jamming along to Ed Sheeran, that’s not your invitation to switch CDs and blast out Little Mix – no matter how much you want to shout out to your ex from the car window.

4. The ones who lean across and honk the horn on your behalf…


On the one hand, you could say that it’s nice to see a passenger sharing your road rage towards other drivers – sort of like sympathy pains, right? On the other hand it’s kind of an insult. Like, what are they trying to suggest? Do they think you don’t know how to honk a horn? Also, road rage is an anger we all need to indulge in…but when someone takes the horn blowing action away from you, they’re kind of stealing a sacred moment between driver and vehicle. It’s just rude.

5. The ones who complain about the length of a journey when they’re not even driving…


Seriously. Is there ANYTHING more annoying than this? You’ve been on the motorway for three hours. You’re tired. Your back is killing and you’re still only halfway there thanks to a generous dose of rush hour traffic.

It’s usually around this moment, when your mood is already on the turn, that your partner or buddy decides to chirp up for a good old moan…because let’s face it, being chauffeured around must be tough. “Are we there yet?”, “I’m tired.”, “Why aren’t we moving?!”, “I’m hungry.”, “We should’ve just got the train.”. The fact that none of this negative energy is helpful, and you’re doing them a favour, makes it a bitter shame that you don’t have an ‘eject’ button for their seat.



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