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When is my MOT due?

If you have ever wondered “when is my MOT due?”, here you can learn how to find your MOT due date on new and older vehicles.

My car is new. When is my MOT due?

Check your v5 for Mot due dateYou need to take your vehicle for an MOT test as soon as it’s 3 years old. Check your vehicle registration document (V5) to find the date your car was first registered. Your car’s MOT is due 3 years on this date. However, you can get it tested up to a month early.

When is my MOT due if my car is over 3 years old?

You can take your vehicle for an MOT test before it’s MOT expiry date, but the earliest you can present your vehicle for test is one month. This is if you want the MOT certificate to run consecutively. Otherwise, you can have your MOT done anytime, if you feel your car would benefit from this check or if you bought a new car and would like to ensure peace of mind. Just keep in mind that when you have a new MOT test check done, the old MOT will expire and you will lose the time remaining on the old certificate.

How to find your MOT due date if you lost your MOT certificate

If you have misplaced your MOT certificate and cannot remember the date your MOT is due, you can check your V5 documents for an approximate due date. The accuracy of this date depends on the previous owner and if they took the vehicle for MOT tests in time. You can also check with the MOT Centre where the vehicle was last tested, as they will have an electronic record of it. Last, but not least you can check the MOT history of a vehicle online to get the date of the last test. You will need your vehicle registration document and either the MOT test number or the document reference from the V5C registration certificate.

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