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Why breakdown cover is essential when driving abroad

Broken down car in Europe

There’s nothing worse than your vehicle breaking down mid-road trip, especially if you are on holiday abroad. Yet surprisingly, 1 in 3 of Brits don’t have breakdown cover that covers them when they’re abroad. We think it’s essential to have these preparations ready; perhaps we can convince you too.

It’s easier if you have a plan

Having breakdown cover when driving abroad makes everything a whole lot easier. Your insurance company will have a specific breakdown number for you to call and they will have a process in place. Without it, you would have the hassle of trying to find a recovery company while in a foreign country, who may not speak English or have a garage locally. You should also remember that if you don’t have cover abroad you’ll also have to work out how to recover your damaged or inoperable vehicle back to the UK.

Save yourself some money

If you’re prepared and choose an insurance policy that includes breakdown cover when driving abroad then this will undoubtedly save you money if you have any problems with your motor.

Experts have said it could cost as much as £2,500 to recover your car from the south of Spain and so with some insurers offering European breakdown cover from £8 per trip, you can clearly see there are savings to be made.

Don’t forget that the costs when you break down aren’t just for the recovery and the parts. You’ll probably have to fork out for alternative transport too as well as some temporary accommodation if you don’t have breakdown cover.

Companies that allow you to arrange breakdown cover on the spot when you’re aboard have additional joining fees which could cost up to £90. This can be as much as a year’s cover anyway. We recommend you save yourself some money in the long-run and choose an insurance policy that includes breakdown cover while you’re abroad.

It’s better to be safe

It can also be dangerous driving abroad without breakdown cover. It’s not just flat tyres and engine issues you need to be thinking about, you could potentially have a driving accident when you’re on holiday. If you are driving on Germany’s autobahns (where there are sections without enforced speed limits) it can be an especially precarious place to drive and breakdown. Remote areas and quiet roads could also leave you stranded for a long period of time if you don’t have a plan in place. It’s very important to be safe when you’re driving abroad and breakdown cover is a key part of this.

Why risk it?

Other than the reasons we’ve already mentioned – it’s just not worth the risk. You go on holiday to relax and enjoy the spectacular views that accompany a great road trip. Who wants to spend their holiday stressing about the possibility of breaking down while driving around, planning expeditions and having fun with your friends or family.

Have you experienced a breakdown when driving abroad? Have we persuaded you that it’s a good idea to be prepared and organise roadside cover before you go on holiday? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or on Twitter (@WeWantAnyCar).



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