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Can I sell a car without an MOT or without road tax?

When it comes to selling a car, for the best possible price your car would have a valid MOT certificate and some remaining road tax. We understand that you may wish to sell your car very quickly and that you might not have the time or money to arrange a suitable MOT test or even update your road tax. Don’t worry about selling a car with no MOT because this is not an issue for us. We will buy your car even if it has no MOT certificate. Buying a car without road tax is also not a problem at We Want Any Car.

Selling a car without an MOT

At We Want Any Car, buying a car with no MOT certificate is not a problem, although please be aware that this can affect your car's value. When filling in our free car valuation forms, to receive an accurate value, please tell us you’re selling a car with no MOT on the appropriate MOT drop down selection box.

Have you lost or damaged your MOT certificate?

If you have lost your MOT certificate and you would like to sell your car to us, it would be worth you replacing the document. You can get a duplicate test certificate from any MOT test station. You will need to provide the registration mark and the original MOT test number, or V5C document reference number. This can be found on the V5C registration certificate. The maximum fee for a duplicate certificate for a car is £10.

Can I sell a car without tax?

Yes, you are still able to sell your car to us, regardless of the tax situation on your vehicle. To use or to keep your vehicle on a public road then it must have up to date road tax. Failure to comply with this legality can result in your vehicle being confiscated by authorities. If the vehicle is in storage then the vehicle needs to be declared as SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) by the DVLA. If your vehicle is SORN or has no road tax license then we will still buy your car. As the vehicle cannot be driven on a public road then you can either arrange to deliver the vehicle to one of our many branches throughout the UK (please telephone our call centre to arrange on 0843 6450000). With the new road tax rules in place, the road tax is now non-transferable and when you sell your car you are responsible to inform the DVLA of the change of ownership. If you have several months of road tax remaining, you will be automatically issued a refund once the DVLA is notified of a new owner.
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