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Can I sell a car without road tax?

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Can I sell a car without tax?

When selling a car privately, potential buyers are likely to check when your car had its last MOT test done and whether you have paid the road tax. The latter, however, is something you needn’t worry about at We Want Any Car. Fortunately, you can sell your car to us whether it’s taxed or not. Valid, up-to-date road tax is required while you continue to use or store your car on a public road, otherwise it could be clamped or taken away by the authorities. If your vehicle isn’t being used on public roads, for example if you are only driving it on private land, storing it on a drive or in a garage, then you can avoid paying road tax by declaring it as SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) via the DVLA. If your vehicle is without road tax or declared SORN, we are still happy to buy your car. Since the car can’t be driven on public roads though, you will have to arrange for the vehicle to be delivered to one of our branches in order for you to sell it. We may be able to collect your vehicle, but only under special circumstances (please call 0843 6450000 to see whether you are eligible).

Consider the new road tax rules

The tax disc is gone, and everything is automated and online, but there’s another change in the road tax system that you need to be aware of.

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